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LGBT-QI from the LDS / Mormon Community

Jennifer has expertise working with the LGBT-QI population from the LDS / Mormon community. Let her know if your LDS /Mormon background is causing you any grief. She keeps up to date with the current church communications regarding same sex relationships and would love to help you process and reconcile this in a way that makes sense for you.


LGBTQI from the LDS Community

Are you, or is someone you know lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) or queer identified (also known in some circles as 'same-sex attracted') and a member or former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)? Has your involvement with these communities resulted in emotional trauma, alienation from family members or other loved ones? 

I have expertise in the Mormon/ LDS culture and work with East Bay, Oakland LGBT to address healing and acceptance.  I neither promote nor discourage any religious belief and am not a christian counselor.  However, my experience in the Mormon/ LDS culture and the LGBT population puts me in a unique position to work with LGBT and queer identified community to help heal old wounds, reconcile the past, and help all of my clients to Live. Life. Better.

P: 0403 605 802


Ways we may work together:

  • Support you and work with you wherever you are in the coming out process
  • Address family support or lack of family support (if this is of interest)
  • Work with you to identify your own belief system or spiritual belief system
  • Help you develop a supportive community that may (or may not) involve a religion
  • Address past traumas and work towards healing
  • Investigate your family history to see what's holding you back/ as well as where your strengths lie

What we will never do in therapy:


If you or somebody you know is LGBT identified and experiencing distress regarding religious beliefs, especially within the LDS/ Mormon religion, I welcome you to contact me for a consultation.


Healing Through Acceptance

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer identified folks continue to face additional scrutiny about same sex attraction from their religious upbringing.  A recent example was the Prop-8 war in the elections of 2008.  As a great deal of LDS/ Mormon families were outwardly fighting for the amendment to pass, essentially overturning the lawful right for LGBT to marry in the state of CA, the LGBT identified family members and their LGBT allies were left feeling betrayed, stigmatized, shamed or worse. 

There is a significant shift taking place in Oakland and the Bay Area as more LDS/ Mormons begin to recognize the damage these stigmatizing and narrow beliefs have on their children, families and communities.  It is my hope that one day all organizations will find an inclusive mission.  But until then, this page is dedicated to healing those who have been marginalized, shamed, and traumatized by a dominant religious culture. This page is for those who have been confused, conflicted or harmed by incompatible Mormon/ LDS religious beliefs, or the conflicting beliefs of those who were responsible for protecting and loving them. Recognizing that Love and Acceptance is a two-way street, this page is about releasing tightly held negative feelings and letting go of a past that no longer suits us.  This page is dedicated to acceptance and Love, no matter what side you may have cheered on, no matter what your beliefs.


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