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Jennifer is an extremely well qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and holds a B.S. and an M.S. in counselling with an emphasis on Relationships and  Marriage and Family Therapy. She holds multiple peak body Counselling memberships in Australia and is licensed and board certified in the U.S. Work with somebody dedicated to continued education, evidence based models and new technologies. Call and see how the two of you can work together.



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You deserve to feel good about yourself and your relationships. Empower yourself with the support of a professional marriage counsellor and couples counsellor to see the changes you want to see. Work with a therapist who has relationship expertise and can help with relationships of all types including your relationship with people, food, alcohol, money and sex. Work with a therapist experienced with non-married partners, and non-traditional and open relationships.


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Jennifer is dedicated to helping you have the most healing and positive counselling experience possible. She is honored to walk this journey with you and is committed to providing a quality experience including a strong vision towards social justice and social equality. If desired, counselling can be focused on how our history and the current political climate impact our understanding of ourselves and others. See her blog for current social justice writings and topics that may be of interest.

Abuse & Trauma Counselling►

Would you like to work with a trauma informed therapist who has experience working with trauma such as family violence and abuse, chldhood abuse and sexual abuse, sexual assault, traumatic illness or accident?

I am specifically trained in working with those who have experienced trauma and PTSD and am certified in EMDR, in the U.S. and Australia. I am also level II trained in EFT (tapping). I provide trauma informed couples counselling as well as individual therapy.

From a Wellness Model ►

As a holistic psychotherapist and clinical counsellor I work to affirm your personal authority in healing yourself as well as assisting you in deciding how this takes place. I work from a wellness model similar to that of elite athletes, helping you envision and create your best possible self.

I bring compassion, warmth, and a sense of humor to our work and especially enjoy working with spiritual psychology and positive psychology. I often work from a narrative perspective helping you tell your story while teaching you to recognize and overcome limiting beliefs.

Gender Non Conforming ►

With expertise and a strong commitment to working with the LGBT-QI and transgender population I welcome you and your allies. I am an active member of Gaylesta (The Psychotherapist Association for Gender & Sexual Diversity) and WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) and work with the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, questioning, gender diverse and intersex community.

I am a trans affirming therapist and work with gender non-conforming individuals and their partners and welcome clients from all backgrounds and experiences.


Sydney Therapist & Counsellor; Jennifer Perkins MFT

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Jennifer Perkins MFT Counselling and Psychotherapy believes that a commitment to excellence in training and education, to diversity and social justice, and to compassionate collaboration leads to the best possible outcomes for you as well as our world.

Improving lives, thoughtfully pushing boundaries, and providing a beautiful and caring atmosphere are just a few of the things she hopes to pass on to those who walk through her doors.

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Jennifer Perkins MFT; Sydney Therapist


A psychotherapist dedicated to helping you tap into your higher wisdom, be here completely, and heal yourself and then the world.


Being well informed, and well trained is a major priority for my practice. I belong too, and participate in the following counselling and psychotherapy mental health organizations:

Psychotherapy & Counselling Fedceration of Austrlaia

PACFA Psychotherapy & Counselling Fedceration of Austrlaia

World Professional Organization for Transgender Health

World Professional Organization for Transgender Health

Austrailian Counselling Association

Australian Counselling Association

Distance Credentialed Counselling (Telehealth Therapy)

Distance Credentialed Counselling

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy

EMDRIA / EMDR Association

EMDR International Association

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

EMDRAA / EMDR Association

EMDRA Association of Australia

National Board of Certified Counsellors

National Board of Certified Counsellors

Bay Area Open Minds/ Association for Therapists

Bay Area Open Minds: Psychotherapists  who affirm sexual & gender diversity

Gaylesta; LGBTQI Therapist association

Gaylesta : The psychotherapists Association for Gender & Sexual Diversity