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Phone: 0403 605 802 (AU)

Phone: 415-613-8255 (U.S.)

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If you are interested in scheduling, email me and I will get back with you by the next business day.

I also provide a free :30 minute phone consultation. Please fill our the form and I will get back with you to answer any questions about your particular situation.

I also welcome your phone call.

Phone: 0403 605 802 (AU)

Phone: 415-613-8255 (U.S.)


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Locations for AU & the U.S.

  • Face to Face Counselling services are provided in the Sydney, Australia location. You must be able to travel to the Sydney, CBD office. The site is wheelchair accessible.

  • Telehealth (on-line) services are provided for California residents who may be interested in technology driven counselling. In order to adhere to state licensing laws, telehealth services from Jennifer Perkins MFT can only be provided to current California residents. Please call if you would like to discuss your situation and decide if teleheath is right for you,

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, CBD (face to face counselling)

Suite 12, Level 10 / 428 George Street,

Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

P: 0403 605 802

Sydney CBD Location Map


California, United States

California (telehealth/ online services)

1904 Franklin Street, Suite 300

Oakland, CA 94612 United States

P: 415-613-8255

Oakland Location Map