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Jennifer Perkins MFT Counselling & Psychotherapy

Telemental Health

Telehealth or Online Therapy

Jennifer is board certified for telemental health in the United States and offers telehealth / online counseling if you live in California, U.S. or New South Wales, AU.



Distance Counseling or Telemental Health

If you are interested in Distance Counseling please email:


p. 0403 605 802


Why Distance Counseling?

  • Access for those who prefer later hours
  • Access for those with difficulty traveling to appointments
  • Services can be more flexible and consistent
  • Greater public access to healthcare professionals
  • Less stigma associated with seeking help


What Does Telemental health Mean?

  • Working with a mental health care provider from your own home
  • Using modern technology similar to Skype or Facetime for psychotherapy
  • Using encrypted and HIPAA compliant technology that addresses confidentiality issues while working in the convenience of your own space
  • Having additional flexibility with your time and your healthcare needs


Some Things to Know about Distance Counseling

Not every issue is well suited for Telemental Health. If you want to discuss if this is right for you, please email and we will set up a time to talk.

Some issues that may not be suited for Distance Counseling:

  • If you are experiencing major depression and/or suicidal thoughts
  • If you have a significant trauma history. EMDR is not set up for telehealth at this time
  • If you are unable to provide a local 'safety contact person' in case you require additional help during the therapy process
  • If your internet does not support(and is consistent) at least 3Mbp upload/ 3Mbp download speeds
  • If you are uncomfortable using technology