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Positive Psychology & Spritual Psychology

It is natural for you to feel good and to be well.  It is natural for you to feel happiness and thrive. If you are feeling lost, confused or feel like you are on the wrong path positive psychology & Spiritual Psychology may be able to help. Jennifer works from a wellness model helping you unfold your greatest potential and well being.  She works from a narrative perspective, helping you makes sense of your old stories while teaching you to use language as a powerful creation tool. She also works with visualization and meditation to help you create the world you want. If you have been looking to make a change but are not sure where to start, call and see what the two of you can do.


Sydney Positive Psychology & Spiritual Psychology

It's clear that everyday people are subscribing to positive psychology. Just take a look at this quick list of facts about the movement:

  • The number one, biggest selling section for the publishing industry is the self-help and personal development section
  • In 1990, this section consisted of one single shelf. Today, it consists of half of the entire book shop
  • Hay House is the worlds largest publisher, and happens to have the smallest focus; You guessed it, Hay House is totally dedicated to providing our world with nothing but positive psychology including self-help, Inspirational, and Transformational information. They're not only the largest publisher providing positive psychology information, but they are the largest publisher on the planet.

Jennifer learned about positive psychology while living in the San Francisco Bay area. She has been incorporating it into her private practice and maintains a daily personal practice. If you have been interested in working with a therapist who can teach you how to consciously create your world, connect with your higher self, and learn to align with your truest self let Jennifer know. She is eager to teach you and help you grow your skills.

Positive Psychology & The Wellness Model

When things aren't going well it can be tempting to paint a picture of ourselves as broken, wounded, or just plain messed up, and indeed this is how our current medical system paradigm works. We base our entire model, theory, and language with a focus on the negative symptoms and terminology. This is sometimes called a Dis-ease Model.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

We all come equipped with the ability to identify, source and nurture our strengths, becoming a better version of ourselves. We already have this wisdom for this, but sometimes we have difficulty remembering. Positive psychology can help with this.

Positive psychology is a Wellness Model similar to what elite athletes use; using a therapist to coach and help you visualize yourself into peak performance, bringing your true nature into being, and helping you walk into your soul's true path.

Positive Psychology is working from a wellness model, helping you become the most optimal version of you, igniting your potential not limiting you to your past.

Spiritual Lessons in Psychology

Jennifer often works with gratitude as a way of opening up a connection with our higher selves. This connection can help give us clarity and vitality and healing for life obstacles. She teachers her clients to recognize alignment with their higher selves in order to eliminate resistance and allow. She loves to do this work and finds a great deal of personal satisfaction teaching this to others.


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