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Mindfulness Therapy for Conscious Living

Jennifer has a great deal of experience teaching mindfulness work to her clients. She finds it very useful in working with anxiety, trauma and personal growth issues. She loves to teach people meditation techniques and is certified in EFT (Tapping) and EMDR. If mindfulness or Buddhism is your jam, your going to love working with Jennifer


Mindfulness Counselling in the Sydney CBD

As a holistic counsellor Jennifer uses the transformative nature of mindfulness to help you find clarity, hope and inspiration as you work towards building a more joyful life and richer, more satisfying relationships.

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    Counselling and Therapy Using Mindfulness Techniques

    In our work together I will most likely ask you in-depth questions about your internal process/ how you think as well as your world view. This helps me get an understanding for where your strengths lie as well as how open you are to working with various mindfulness models. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  I work with you to find what your unique needs are as well as what your specific needs are and what direction you want to take.

    I have a toolbox of techniques I enjoy teaching as these have proven to be the ones clients are most enthusiastic about. It's been my experience that using techniques that not only work, but inspire keep people engaged and wanting to continue long after our work together is completed.

    I will teach you techniques in the office, and provide 'homework' for you to do in your real life. After teaching you a technique and having you practice in house, as well as at home, we will take a great deal of time de-briefing and processing your experience including what worked well, and what didn't work for you. Our work may include:

    • Working with grounding techniques in the office.  I will provide you with a script and handouts so you can practice at home or at work. We often will use breathing techniques and visualization in order to keep the experience dynamic and moving. Grounding techniques are especially useful when dealing with anxiety, charged material, or learning to sit with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.
    • Working with EMDR for finding your 'calm space' We will use eye movement or other EMDR techniques to keep your 'outside' mind busy with a a bi-lateral activity while we create an internal calm space. You can think of it as a way to stop your 'outside' mind in order to activate your 'connected mind.' Activating this connected mind while keeping your 'outside' mind active helps quiet the noise and anxiety, giving you the ability to feel very relaxed, at peace, and helps you connect into what your self care needs are. I will hep you develop the ability to bring forward this 'connected mind' on cue. Most clients find this activity extremely relaxing and calming and enjoy the internal process of building their calm space.
    • Using EMDR to assist you in finding your inner strengths and resources and teaching you to get to your 'connected mind' in an automatic way. I will teach you how to call on these resources all throughout our work together.
    • Work with you to address limiting beliefs. In the office we work to notice and adopt positive language and address limiting language as well as any limiting stories. In my work with clients I have a motto of "Change your story, Change your life" and work with clients using CBT and narrative therapy in order to help change stories (flip the narrative) in a way that feels validating, positive, and empowering.
    • Working with cognitive behavioral methods to address unwanted thoughts our behaviors. We may work together to identify what is the predecessor to uncomfortable feelings or unwanted behaviors as well as the automatic thought processes that keep you stuck.  I will work with you and practice various techniques to help you track and eliminate the unwanted thoughts or behaviors as well as drop in more pleasant and positive feelings.
    • Working with EFT (Tapping) to address core belief systems that no longer suite you (i.e: I'm not good enough, I'm not lovable, etc)   We will work to identify where these beliefs first originated and then use EFT (Tapping) to turn the experience upside down (flip the narrative). I will teach you the simple Tapping steps while you are in office and have you use them at home. At the beginning, we will work through the easier negative believes and lead our way up to the more stubborn and insidious ones. Tapping can be fun and inspirational and has been found to be a great anxiety reducer as well as it helps in extinguishing fears and phobias. I also use EMDR to address negative core belief systems. We can work with whatever method seems like the best fit.
    • Work with you on being 'connected' in a way that works for you. I teach meditation techniques with your particular life experience in mind. I will teach you breathing and grounding techniques as well as visualization techniques that can assist you in quieting your mind. Many clients come to me with out any knowledge of meditation and leave with a daily 20 minute meditation practice. Some clients are quite satisfied to have a more simplified mindfulness practice that consists of taking a few breaks each day to stop their busy mind and and experience the connectedness in the present. We will work to help you find your connection in whatever way speaks to you.
    • Work with you on acknowledging your inner resources in whatever way makes sense for you. Often EMDR and Tapping are great ways to help you open up to your own resources including any spiritual guides or resources you may want to address. I also work with hypnotherapy as a way to tap into these inner strengths, resources or guides.
    • I often work with clients interested in positive self talk for manifesting their desired life. We work together to address any self defeating beliefs or behaviors. I also teach exercises that promote manifesting the life you want including setting daily intentions and teaching a manifestation meditation. I also use homework to help you identify road blocks and help you find solutions.

    Some additional way we may work together to help develop mindfulness:

    • Explore positive as well as negative beliefs about your core self that effect your automatic behaviors or reactions. Sometimes additional work will be needed in order to work with negative core beliefs, especially if there has been past trauma or abuse. EMDR can be an excellent tool for working with negative core beliefs.
    • Discover and improve techniques to increase self control from impulsive undesirable thinking or undesirable behaviors.
    • Increase positive self talk and acceptance even in times of anxiety.  EFT (tapping) is an excellent resource for increasing positive thoughts and extinguishing anxious ones. I also work with CBT and narrative therapy to assist you in managing thoughts and behaviors and building a more positive story.
    • Discover and improve techniques to increase self expression and aliveness while encouraging healthy techniques for self comforting and self soothing.
    • Instruct on specific mindfulness techniques to find "connection" to your higher purpose/ or intuition/ or source while working to flip any negative core beliefs.  We may use meditation techniques to suite your personal style and abilities and follow through to help you develop a practice that is suited to your own personal preferences and needs including any emotional safety issues that may still be lingering from your past.
    • Discover and improve techniques for living fearless and living consciously, encouraging courageous curiosity while working to eliminate self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors
    • Discover the beauty in the vast range of emotions and feelings while improving your understanding of emotional intelligence.
    • Finding your best sources of motivation and support

    Traditionally, psychotherapy mimics the medical model. People seek help because they are hurting in some way or things are falling apart and usual coping strategies no longer work.

    Psychotherapy can also mimic a wellness model: People seeking help to become the optimum version of themselves. This is a similar to what elite athletes use; to be coached into visualizing their peak performance and creating it into being.  Mindfulness work can be a powerful catalyst for tapping into your vast potential; Living consciously and learning to create a life on purpose is learning to create endless joy.

    Therapy is a place for catalyzing change. It’s a place for learning how to see things differently and living life with optimism.  It’s a place to learn how to experience curiously and live genuinely.  It’s a place for learning how to fill your soul.  Self-improvement is a lifelong journey and a grand adventure to be practiced and enjoyed in every moment possible.