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Trans Affirming Therapy

Jennifer is seriously committed to social justice platforms for the gender non conforming and transgender community. She worked tirelessly in the U.S. rising up and championing queer and trans friendly legislation. She works with the trans community providing psychotherapy and counselling and is in the process of getting certified with WPATH for trans work. If you could use a culturally competent trans & gender non confroming therapist, reach out and let her know.

Trangender Counselling | Gender Non Conforming Therapy

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 Promoting social justice, & supporting your right to healthy and happy relationships

Promoting Mental Health and Information Exchange Within the Trans Communities

Providing Affirmative Counseling for Transgender and Gender Non–Conforming Clients

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Family Acceptance Project: Research & Education


With a Strong Committment to the Queer and Trans Community, and Social Justice Platforms, I Have Clinical Memberships in the following Counselling & Psychotherapy Organizations:


: World Professional Association for Trangender Health

 GAYLESTA Psychotherapist Association for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Bay Area Open Minds; sexual and gender diversity affirming psychotherapists who are kink aware and poly friendly

Sydney LGBT-QI Counsellor Organization

Sydney LGBT-QI Counsellor Organization

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Transgender Counselling Sydney

Support from a therapist who understands Gender Identify

  • do you have a non binary identify?
  • are you looking for space to figure out what this means for you?
  • do you need support in other areas but don't want to have to explain gender issues to your therapist?

I work with you wherever you are in the process.

Call and let's see what the two of us can do

Gettin' Your Learn On: Transgender Articles You May Be Interested in Reading

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Why We Used Trans* and Why We Don’t Anymore


Trans and Gender Diverse Language Guide provided by ACON

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ACON Trans and Gender Diverse Language Guide